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The advanced wind farm E Wind

The E Wind farm that is under development in the western part of Kelmė Municipality will house about 40 of the currently most-efficient onshore wind farms in the world, and will become one of the most modern parks in the Baltic States. The capacity of one wind farm will be upward of 6 MW, while the total capacity of the wind farm will be developed in several stages and will reach up to 300 MW. The E Wind power plant will produce about 1 TWh of electricity per year, which is equivalent to about 7% of the electricity consumed in Lithuania. As a result, it will be one of the largest parks in Lithuania.

Along with lower electricity prices, the park will benefit not only the western part of Lithuania but the whole country. The launching of the wind farms will be a step towards achieving everyone’s main goal – Lithuania’s energy independence, which has become even more relevant since it has been revealed that electricity from Belarusian Astravyets is entering the country’s grids.

Approximately two thirds of the wind power plants in the E Wind park will be installed in the territory of Kražiai Eldership, with rest located in Vaiguva, Kelmė and Ramučiai (2 power plants) Elderships, at a safe distance from the residential houses, regional parks and protected areas.

The advanced wind farm will attract about a €300 million investment to the Kelmė region, as well as ensuring significant revenue for the district municipality budget from real estate, VAT and other taxes. Furthermore, the farmers and communities participating in land leases for the project will receive an additional direct income.

From the very beginning of this project, the developers of the E Wind farm have been actively communicating with the local population, as well as providing them with all kinds of support and assistance. The park’s developers have been supporting the annual Kražiai Festival for several years. Additionally, they are providing direct support to the communities next to the E Wind farm location, where long-term financial support agreements have been signed.