Modern and efficient

The world’s most efficient onshore wind farms will be installed, allowing a smaller number of more powerful wind farms to produce the same amount of electricity. In total, the power plants will produce about 7% of the electricity consumed in Lithuania. As a result, the E Wind park will make a significant contribution to achieving the country’s energy independence goals.



The development of the wind farm follows all global best practices applicable to the development of such parks. Sparsely populated areas have been selected, with the involvement of the local communities, and all mandatory consents and agreements with the neighbours have been received. A public health impact assessment and all the required environmental impact assessments have also been carried out.


Financially beneficial

E Wind will attract about a €300 million investment to the Kelmė Region. The real estate, VAT and other taxes will contribute to the municipal budget every year, while new jobs will be created. In addition, the local communities will receive direct financial support each year through long-term financial support agreements. Meanwhile, clean and cheaper electricity will reach the whole of Lithuania.

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We are taking care of the future today

The E Wind farm will make a significant contribution to achieving Lithuania’s energy independence, as well as the goals set out in the government’s programme: to produce half of the country’s electricity from renewable energy sources by 2030.

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.About E Wind


We are building a cleaner future

The E Wind farm that is under development in the western part of Kelmė Municipality will house about 40 of the currently most-efficient onshore wind farms in the world, and will become one of the most modern parks in the Baltic States. The capacity of one wind farm will be upward of 6 MW, while the total capacity of the wind farm will be developed in several stages and will reach up to 300 MW. The E Wind power plant will produce about 1 TWh of electricity per year, which is equivalent to about 7% of the electricity consumed in Lithuania. As a result, it will be one of the largest parks in Lithuania.



Development stages of the
E Wind park


Beginning of development

After the construction of several wind turbines (WT) in Kelmė District Municipality and an assessment of the local natural conditions, it was decided that an investment should be made in a larger WT park. This year saw the beginning of the land lease contracts, SPZ coordination and communication with the local communities.


Approval from institutions

The National Public Health Centre (NPHC) approved the PHIA reports, while the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) agreed on the findings of the EIA selection for the construction of 20 wind farms in Kražiai Eldership.


Focus on the population

AB Litgrid issued conditions for the connection of the WT park to the electricity transmission network. Cooperation continued with the local communities and financial support was provided. Windlit, the developer of the park, became a sponsor of the Kražiai Festival.



The administration of Kelmė District Municipality coordinated the capabilities of the planned WT park. The Lithuanian Armed Forces approved the construction work, while the Environmental Protection Agency agreed with the conclusions of the EIA selection for the construction of 18 WTs in Vaiguva and Kelmė Districts, and the NPHC approved the PHIA report. A plot was selected for the construction of a transformer substation.



A landscape impact assessment and ornithological surveys took place. The scheme of laying the cables required for the connection of the WT to the power transmission lines was agreed, while easement agreements with the landowners were signed. The NPHC approved the PHIA report for the construction of power plants in Šaukėnai Eldership. Preparation of the project solutions for the WT construction began.


EIA report

A Stage II EIA report is currently underway. Support was provided through repairing the roof of the Būtkiškės Community Centre, while long-term financial support agreements were signed with the local communities. The EIA report is expected to be approved later this year, and the preparation of the technical project will begin.


Construction work

Earthworks will be underway while the infrastructure is being developed (Stages I and II). The wind turbines will be delivered and their installation will take place (Stage I).


Production of electricity

Production of electricity will begin (Stage I). Wind turbines will continue to be delivered and their installation will take place (Stage II).


End of the construction work

The production of electricity will begin (Stage II). Furthermore, Lithuania will be completely disconnected from the Russian energy system, and will have the capability to produce all the country’s electricity itself. The WT park E Wind will produce about 1 TWh of electricity annually.



We are seeking not only to help the country achieve its energy goals, but also to contribute to the prosperity of the region in which we operate. From the very beginning of the development of the E Wind park, we have worked closely with the local municipality, communities and other residents. We believe they are a very important part of this project and if it were not for them, we could not take this step that is so important to all of Lithuania.


Word of mouth

We care about what we do, and we want our work to be done responsibly. This means that we carry out our activities in accordance with all procedures established by the laws and regulations, project implementation procedures and global best practices. Moreover, it is very important for our company to work closely with the local municipality and receive the support of communities and the local population. They are a very important part of our project and if it were not for these people, we could not take this step that is so important to the country of Lithuania.

Gediminas Uloza, CEO of E Energija Group

It is very nice that the wind farm developers are not acting like strangers. They are communicating with us in good faith, while supporting us and providing assistance to the community.

Irena Vileikienė, Chairwoman of the Vaiguva Community

Our communities are receiving support and the construction of the wind farms will also create jobs that the country needs. We are now waiting for the project to start. When it comes to the environmental impact, I am certain that the park developers are complying with the relevant laws and taking the environmental requirements into account. The most important thing is that the project developers have been communicating with us from the very beginning, and they are taking our preferences into account. We also welcome the attention we have received and the fact that we are cooperating, not competing with one another.

Rolandas Karčiauskas, Elder of Kražiai

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